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How to help

As a newly formed group we are looking for anybody that can assist in the development of the group and the field for the benefit of the local community.

Do you have any skills or experience you could share with us?

Organisational, technical, legal or just wanting to commit some spare time on a regular, occasional or even on a one-off basis. Please get in contact.

New for 2018

Work recently started on the play area.  Various play apparatus is being installed for the community to enjoy.  Keep watch to see check when it is open. 

Previous Activities

We have already taken time to form a recognisable organisation, to be able to progress with the main aim of the programme, to encourage the use of the playing field. As with any development, all projects will be put out for consultation before committing to any changes. In this instance all developments proposed come from local residents and people with a genuine interest in the development for the good of the local community.

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